Fiizio.Me is private practice directory focusing exclusively on providers of physical therapy and rehab services, that -- on its own OR in integration with the Fiizio app, combined with our own active own online promotion, will increase your online visibility beyond your website, get you new stream of leads and help you generate new revenues cost effectively.

It features profile items designed specifically for PT and rehab practices, as opposed to other directories, which feature other type of businesses, like restaurants.

Grow the revenues of the practie and deliver better result to patients.

On a standalone service, Fiizio.Me aim at helping with lead generation and patient direct access, utilizing different level of features and services to grow revenues, up to a full blown digital marketing campaigns.

As part of the FiizioSoft ecosystem, when used in integration with the Fiizio App, it allows streamlining patient direct access from a lead status to quick capture, onboarding and engagement with a plan of care, including cash-based payment system.

Fiizio.Me, as the Fiizio App, is enabling the practice to Grow its Revenues, and Better its Clients.

Additional benefits (by Plan):

  • Be found easier, via geolocation.
  • Enhance your online presence and practice SEO, including integration with google analytics
  • Extending marketing activities beyond the practice website, through social sharing, Announcements and events management.
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  • Fiizio.Me is part of an ecosystem targeting revenue growth and delivering better results to clients.
  • On a standalone, it offers more features and capabilities informing prospects about your practice, as a central digital asset beyond your practice website or facebook page.
  • It is the most competitively priced.
  • If used along the Fiizio App, not only will you get all features, but it will also be FREE as part of our promotion.

We have a tiered pricing (monthly or annual), starting from a free plan that will increase your visibility and get you found quickly, to premium plans. Premium plans offer additional capabilities, from adding more information (such as specialty, insurance accepted and team bios) or facilitating scheduling appointment, making announcement or managing events, up to a actively-managed, customized digital marketing campaigns.

The Hover Plan will provide the most functionality, while the Fly Plan is the best value as it is included with a subscription to Fiizio.

To learn more about our tiered pricing plan, please go to

When a prospect submits a lead request to your practice, from your practice page, you will get an email notice and reach back to the lead.

However, if you are using the Fiizio App, you will get the lead request directly to the Fiizio Dashboard, and once qualify the lead, he will automatically be added to your Fiizio platform and you can start the onboarding process via the mobile app, from sending form, initial evaluation and even hop quickly on a video consultation (and even get paid directly to your bank account). In other words, new client engagement is quick and efficient, which is something that both parties are looking for.

Adding your practice to Fiizio.Me is free and there is no setup fee.
Any time you may upgrade your plan to any paid, premium plans, and benefit from more featurs and capabilities, all from your dasboard.
You may cancel your subscription from your account dashboard at any time and no further charges will occur.

We are using Stripe as our secure payment platform and do not have access to any detail of your payment method